Children's Extensive Support Waiver (CES)

Serving children ages 0-17, the Children’s Extensive Support Waiver (CES) helps children and families by providing services and supports that will help children establish a long-term foundation for community inclusion as they grow into adulthood. 

Children who qualify for this waiver are entitled to ~$53,000 in services to benefit the children and families. Parents and/or guardians are able to allocate this funding to a variety of services and hire a caregiver to render the services. In many cases those who already know and love your child are the best caregivers for them (grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends, church friends, teachers, etc.). 

We will hire those individuals, train, and pay them to provide the services you select for your child. Below is a list of services we support on this waiver! 

We are able to have your caregiver that you selected and trust onboarded within 1 week!

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  • Respite
  • Homemaker
  • Community Connector
Provided ​​on ​​a ​​short-term ​​basis, ​​because ​​of ​​the ​​absence ​​or ​​need ​​for ​​relief of ​​those ​​persons ​​who ​normally ​​provide care​​ for​​ the ​​participant.
  • ​Respite ​​may ​​be​​ provided ​​in ​​the ​​participant’s ​​home, ​​​​the​​ caregivers home, or in the community.​​​​
  • Respite is paid on an hourly basis with a cap of 10 hours within any 24 hour period
Pay Rates: $20 per hour
Homemaker services are provided in the client’s home. There are two types of homemaker services: 
a. Basic homemaker services include cleaning, laundry, basic household care or maintenance only in the areas where the client frequents. 
b. Enhanced homemaker services includes basic homemaker services with the addition of either teaching the individual or performing extraordinary cleaning 
• These services shall include direct training to the client in performing basic household tasks including cleaning, laundry, household care, meal prep and cooking
• Incidental basic homemaker service may be provided in combination with enhanced homemaker services
• Extraordinary cleaning are tasks beyond routine sweeping, mopping, laundry or cleaning and require additional cleaning/sanitizing
Pay Rate: $25 per hour for Enhanced homemaker
                 : $16 per hour for Basic homamker
* Applicable only if client is under the CES Waiver.
These services provide assistance to a client to enable them to integrate into their residential community and access naturally occurring resources. Community connector services: 
Support the abilities and skills necessary to enable the client to access typical activities and functions of community life.
Utilizes the community as a learning environment to assist the client to build relationships and natural supports in the client’s residential community.
•Are provided to a single client in a variety of settings in which clients interact with individuals without disabilities.
Pay Rate: $31 per hour

How to Start

Once you have selected the individual you would like to serve as your caregiver, call us! We will answer any questions you have and once you are ready – we will onboard your caregiver, coordinate with your case manager, and facilitate the transition to make it easy and quick!

As caregivers ourselves, and parents to a daughter who has been on the waivers for years, we know it, we understand it, and we live it. Any questions that you have – reach out and we are happy to help!

For information on how to apply for the CES waiver or eligibility click here!

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